Cabins available to rent at Boogie Bottoms.  Currently we have 3 Cabins available to rent.  Each contains
2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom with Shower, Kitchenette and Living Room.  All Cabins furnished with Furniture
and Linens.  Cabins are limited to 6 people - Must be 21 yrs or older to rent.
Cabins are $75.00 per night - Cash Only - Based on Availability -  Check out by 11am.  
Cabins can be also rented by the week or month, price availability to be discussed at check-in.

Cabins are limited during Bike Rally Week - 4 times per year.  Cabins rent for $300 per Rally (3 nights)
^^ Price does not include Arm Bands^^
Call 205/353-4424 or 205/680-2962 OR 205/363-0748